On this day CHEVS introduced its new name and logo as well as a redesign of its website. As part of its brand revitalization efforts, CHEVS has also taken the decision to simplify its name, by branding just as ‘CHEVS’ dropping ‘Centre for Health Education and Vulnerable support.’ As a regional organisation, we focus on thoughtful change, seeing this as a continued opportunity to ensure social justice for our rights holders through advocacy, movement building and research.

Watch the redefining community video here

“Deeply inspired by the power of young people and the LGBTQI liberation movement within the African continent and beyond, we are holding spaces for young persons to come together, create together, learn together and build solidarity against all systems of oppression, patriarchy, and imperialism” said Justin Chidozie, executive director of CHEVS. “While we remain an LGBTQI human rights organization, our strategic plan speaks to our evolving work in Building a cross cutting movement of young LGBTIQ persons and Sex workers, creating communities, providing tools and resources for economic advancement and strengthening the West African LGBTIQ movement. This is why we believe that ‘Redefining communities’ best describes where we are at our journey and what we do as an organization.

This rebranding is the apex of a rigorous reflection and research, characterized by the creativity and vibrance of our movement,” said Ejura, CHEVS Communication officer. “Redefining communities” is what CHEVS branding is all about. As a youth led organization its been difficult for us from day one but we are inspired to keep on due to the impact our much needed interventions has had on our movement since inception. At CHEVS, we are determined to protect the human rights of Sex workers, and  LGBTIQ persons even in a hostile environment such as West Africa. This is why we have decided to focus less on little things that tear us apart and more on what brings us together as rights holders; forging a movement and pushing back.


CHEVS is dedicated to working with Communities and partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the LGBTIQ and sex workers human rights movement in West Africa, amplify their challenges and advocate for inclusion and equality.

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