One Action fund is a West African activism sustenance fund for youth-led organizations and activists, sharing resources with and for youth movement resistance across the region. We envision a world where youth movements and activism are resourced in a manner that is timely, healthy, and suits the capabilities of these groups through an intersectional lens of gender, sexuality and other demographic identities.


As a young activists group, we understand how critical it is to have access to resources at key movement moments, to support strategic advocacy, commemoration of international days, travels, communications, core support and much more.

We understand that current funding models may not fit in properly with the realities of youth movements and activists within the West African context. Sometimes, the bureaucracies and stringent requirements involved in the Application and dispensation of funds may constitute undue delays or prove too restrictive for the achievement of timely/decisive and impactful goals, by the implementation of strategic and urgent programs.

The Funding

We offer a range of funding, predominantly core and flexible support, to youth led organizations. Our funding streams are designed to meet specific context, needs and catalytic moments in the lives of young activists including resources for:

  • Core, flexible funding
  • Emergency response funding
  • Learning and growing funds: supporting capacity building, collective / individual care, research / documentation, travel, advocacy, collaboration and media.


The One Action Fund is reserved to fund strategic programs and activities of activists and organizations with tactical and immediate impacts for the liberation struggle across West Africa, thus we will always be open to any and all applications under the fund at any and all times.


You are to click on the Apply button below to be directed to the application portal. There you are to pick and fill one of two forms for either organizations, or for individual activists.


Applicants are to expect a response to their application within 2 weeks of application. This is to ensure that meaningful time is not lost by the delays of bureaucratic requirements.


We center participatory decision-making across fund processes, sharing power with and to activists. We host a regional Activist Advisory committee made up of LGBTQI, SEX WORKERS AND YOUNG activists from across West Africa, who make decisions about grant-allocations and guide the strategic direction of the fund.


We will fund both formal and informal groups led by young people but for applications to be successful, applicants must be domiciled or functioning within any of our focal West African countries. The proposed program or activity must be implemented within these countries and be directed towards goals in one or more West African countries. The activities must be an advocacy program that falls within and are directed towards positive outcomes in one of the following areas: SRHR, Human rights Advocacy, disability justice, Gender Justice, and LGBTQI/Sex workers rights.