Our Community

CHEVS is about us – people and our power when we come together as communities. Some of us identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer.  some of us are sex workers. We are young and  Some of us identify with or embody several of the above. All of us are criminalized or discriminated against in one way or another due to our identity or behavior or purely for political reasons. Every year, tens of thousands of us are arrested, prosecuted, incarcerated, fined, or denied access to health and justice in our countries, as well as being forced out of our communities and countries just because of who we are.

Young people

In many instances young people remain underrepresented in, or totally excluded from formal decision-making processes on issues that concern them. Today, we are taking back our spaces and championing our own causes. We are young, diverse, and capable. 


We work with LGBTQI communities to disrupt discriminatory practices, overturn homophobic and transphobic laws, and defend the rights to love. We are proud to call you siblings. 

Sex workers

Together with sex workers and feminists we are pushing back against the patriarchy, demanding equality, creating opportunity for women and girls everywhere, and screaming ‘sex work is work’. We have purposed to speak against the violations of sex workers.