Our Initiatives

The Free & Equal Project is an initiative set up to address structural and systemic issues that impact negatively on the human rights situations of key population groups (LGBTQI+, Sex workers and people who use drugs) in Nigeria, particularly with regards to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Safety and Security, and Punitive laws and policies that affect the lives of everyday members of these communities.

Gay and bisexual men account for about two-thirds (66%) of new HIV infections each year. This is due to social and structural barriers such as systemic stigma, discrimination, homophobia, poverty, and homelessness that make it difficult for this community to access HIV testing, treatment-care, and prevention services. For this we launched the Equalizer project to quill issues of stigma and discrimation, mental health, and advocating for change in the human rights situation of Gay, Bisexual, men who have sex with men living with HIV in Nigeria. The Equalizer project, as the name suggests, is part of the CHEVS mission towards Equalizing the Nigerian society through advocacy and education.

Everyday technology touches more and more aspects of our daily lives and it is imperative that those building the tools are representative of the diverse people that will use them. We know that we are far from that level of representation and Tech4Pride aims to build a community that creates a positive impact on the future of tech and our world. Our program focuses on birthing the next generation (age 17-28) of LGBTQI tech professionals with the skills and confidence to be the force of change in the industry.