Everyday technology touches more and more aspects of our daily lives and it is imperative that those building the tools are representative of the diverse people that will use them. We know that we are far from that level of representation and Tech4Pride aims to build a community that creates a positive impact on the future of tech and our world. Our program focuses on birthing the next generation (age 17-28) of LGBTQI tech professionals with the skills and confidence to be the force of change in the industry.


Our mission

  • Safe Haven
    We provide a space for LGBTQ+ young adults to grow personally and professionally in tech while being authentically themselves.
  • Skills Training
    We provide mentorship opportunities for members to develop skills and connections that will help them explore and launch a career in tech.
  • Representation
    We show our members that they belong by seeing themselves in our diverse network of tech professionals.

What we Offer

  • Mentorship Program
    Tech4Pride hosts a semi-annual Mentorship Program pairing LGBTQ+ youth aged 17-28 one-on-one with tech professionals to learn a mix of technical and professional skills in any tech area of their choice needed for launching a successful career in tech.


  • Community partnership and organizing
    Tech4Pride also partners with local LGBTQ+ organizations and tech professionals around the country to support their members and provide training and professional development.

The choice of the Tech sector was made in recognition of the manifold opportunities for economic advancement that exist within the industry. We understand and acknowledge the importance and centrality of economic empowerment to the struggle for our liberation, and the significant power that Tech has over individual lives in the 21st century. So while engaging in advocacy and challenging social ideas, it is necessary that as many persons as possible within the community are empowered to contribute to the struggle for our collective liberation in the different ways that they can.