The ASANKA MEDIA FELLOWSHIP Is Open For Applications

Asanka Media Fellowship is a week-long communication training initiative of Center for Health Education and Vulnerable Support (CHEVS) under her TECH4PRIDE program. This initiative is set to improve digital literacy, branding and advocacy for youth-led organizations and young activists in Nigeria, by empowering them with digital skills for online advocacy and organizational development.

Under this initiative, CHEVS is providing a five-day digital communications support to youth-led organization and activists through pieces of trainings. During this training, there will be opportunity to teach, learn, exchange and interact with non-profit communication experts on how to utilize digital tools for organization’s branding and media representation, and beneficiaries will be exposed to a wide range of digital literacy, and cybersecurity fundamentals.



–              Web-based text and social media

–              The art and purpose of infographics

–              Video and Digital storytelling

–              Audience segmentation

–              Campaigning



–              Participants are able to understand and identify full characteristics of topics addressed

–              Participants will learn how to incorporate digital arguments into their work

–              Participants are exposed to the multimodalities that are relevant to their work

–              Participants will understand the concept of transfer, especially creating transitions from text to image

–              Participants will find new ways of viewing digital materials, as an argument and not just as a sharable product



–              Training will last for a period of five days, using three hours on each day

–              Training will be based on digital literacy theories and resource materials

–              Training will be through ZOOM



–              Must identify as youth-led organization/activist

–              Must live in Nigeria

–              Must have access to power supply, internet and a computer


To apply for this opportunity, click HERE and fill the application.

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3 thoughts on “The ASANKA MEDIA FELLOWSHIP Is Open For Applications”

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  2. Onyia Malachy

    I was wondering if this training is meant for social adovates or can people with like minds but not a member of any social organisation or activist group .

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