Age does not define our capabilities


Living unapologetically in our identity


Comfortable in our own skin

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A vibrant community of young people

Working collaboratively and intersectionally to build solidarity across youth movements in West Africa to realize the human rights and liberation of young persons in the region.

Amidst the darkness of hate and prejudice that has fallen across the West African landscape, we hope to keep the torch of hope burning for the LGBTQ+ and Sex Worker communities. To hold out the light for all young persons to find their way to community, to bring our strengths together for social transformation, and to join our voices to call down a new dawn  of equality and acceptance upon our societies.

CHEVS is a Youth-led organisation dedicated to the advancement of the rights and welfare of communities of young LGBTQ+ persons and Sex workers through advocacy directed towards effecting social change and inclusion in societies across West Africa. 

What We Do

Building strong foundations, raising awareness, fostering solidarity

Strategic agenda setting and Advocacy

Timely and meaningful movement resourcing

Live, Love, Pose

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