#IDAHOBIT2022: A Conversation About the Nigerian LGBTQI Movement

Since January 2014, when the event of the passing into law the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act changed the realities of queer Nigerians, as a community and as individuals, we have undergone different definitions on how to survive in this society that persistently targets us. We have known fear. We have felt anger. We have stayed in the shadows. And we have fought back. There have been strides forward and pulling away backwards. We have struggled. And we have triumphed.

On this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, whose theme is “Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Rights”, it is only fitting to talk about how far we have come in our fight for equality and how far we are yet to go.

How long will our bodies continue to know the scourge of prejudice?

Will our lives ever get to hold a worthwhile meaning in our society?

When will our rights become human rights in Nigeria?

We have questions. And we want to talk about the answers.

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